Military, LEO, Fire & EMS

Military Groups

 We love supporting our military! So we do our best knowing that they're putting their lives on the line. So on top of the $5 discount, We have Free Active duty Weekend on the first weekend of every month! In which, if you're active duty military, your entry is free. All you need to cover is Paint and gun rental, unless you have your own equipment. 

Law Enforcement

 We love our boys in blue. So we've opened an entire weekend for them too! The second weekend of every month is free to all current and ex Law Enforcement. All you cover is the $10 marker rental fee and cover your paint. Unless you have your own equipment. 

Fire & EMS

 We've noticed that Fire Fighters & EMS don't have a weekend to themselves. So we are here to present our Fire&EMS weekends! It will be hosted on the third weekend of every month. Come in on either Saturday or Sunday and receive the discount of free entry and air.