• Do you have a party and want to play by yourselves? We can host it for you. You get your own personal ref when you book for a private group. On weekends the fee for a private group is $75 or if you bring 20 or more people you qualify for a free private party.

    Or you can book any day of the week with ten or more players for a private group with no extra charge for a private ref

    (booking your group of 10-20 requires a $100 deposit, booking your group of 20 or more requires a deposit of $200 - both can be done by cc card over the phone) Deposits are not extra and will be deducted from the total cost. You will be charged for the exact amount of people you book for, no more and no less. Bringing extra players is fine but be sure to call in your numbers prior to avoid a slow down in equipment prep and extra cost