• Paintball Gun Owners

  • Entry Fee: $20.00

    Our daily entrance fee includes all-day compressed air.

  • Supporting Our Troops

    All military personnel receive a $5 discount off your entrance fee when you show your military I.D. at check in. Thank you for your service.

  • Rental Customers

  • Basic Rental Package w/ Entrance Fee: $38

    This includes everything you need to play!

    • Entrance Fee
    • Paintball gun with compressed air tank
    • Full face mask
    • All-day air to power the gun
    • 500 rds of Quality Paintballs
  • Group Rental Package w/ Entrance Fee: $25.00 per person - Groups of ten or more

    Must call and schedule to get group prices!

     (booking your group of 10-20 players requires a $100 deposit, booking a group of 20 plus players requires a deposit of $200 -all can be done on phone with cc card) Deposits are not extra and will be deducted from total cost. You will be charged for the exact amount of people you book for, no more and no less. Bringing extra players is fine but be sure to call in your numbers prior to avoid a slow down in equipment prep and extra cost

    • Paintball gun with compressed air tank -each
    • Air for your session to power the gun - each
    • Full face mask - each
    • 500 paintball - each
  • Paintballs

  • Professional-Grade Paintballs

    Field paint only — off-field paint will not be allowed

    • Our paintballs will not stain clothes and are environmentally friendly.
    • We offer professional-grade paintball at a bargain price.
    • We shoot custom-made Valken Graffiti and Valken Echo tournament-grade paintballs. If you have additional questions, give us a call any time!
  • Quantities & Pricing

    The average player shoots approx. 1,000 paintballs/day

    • Bag of Echo paintballs (500 Rounds): $18
    • Bag of Graffiti paintballs (500 Rounds): $20